How to Make Zen Garden Design


Zen garden design is a design to make a Zen garden. Anyway, do you know what Zen garden is? If you do not know, this article will tell you a little bit. Zen garden is meditation garden from Japan which is typically with white sand, rocks, path, and water. Just like the definition, this garden has a function to meditation, but nowadays many people build it to make exterior house beautiful. The design of Zen garden is simple, because the only thing that you have to do is combine those things above.

Since it is used for meditation or a place for relaxing, so you have to build it far from noise. You can build it behind of your house, or maybe on your rooftop. If you want to design it in behind of your house, follow these designs. Make a design of the landscape first, and divide it into two parts, left and right. Zen garden design is not identic with flowers, but it is identic with a neat and calm landscape. So, you have to plant some landscape plants on those parts. In the middle of empty space, flooring the ground with white sand.

After that you should make a path from stone, because it is the important thing in Zen garden. Just make a little path around the garden, at least there are some path stones in the garden. If you want to get a natural look more and more, you can add bamboo in the garden. It will make the garden looks dense with a Zen garden touched. The last is you have to make a waterfall in the garden from bamboo. Water in Japan means a life, because it is always flowing and it never stops. Zen garden design is simple isn’t? If so, let’s make it comes true!

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